The Issues

Build business to rebuild illinois

When businesses boom, they create an encouraging climate for investment in our state, communities, and families. When industry grows, they create jobs. These jobs are the kind which allow us to build our communities and our families. It's basic economics. So why do many want to continue burdening Illinois businesses instead of helping them grow?

As someone who has owned a small-business for over thirty years, I know firsthand how important businesses - big or small- are to our communities. However, I also know what decades of political mismanagement in Springfield have done to our business community. We can and must do better. I support business growth by removing red tape, lowering taxes on small businesses and corporations, and I promise to work to return Illinois to an industry-friendly state.

A Sensible budget

We are staring down the barrel of potentially another devastating budget impasse. Another standoff will inevitably result in tax hikes which hurt individuals and businesses, driving them away. I negotiate deals all the time. Our state needs to take a sensible approach: pay our bills and stop digging ourselves deeper into debt.

Past leadership has been too obsessed with political power over the years. As a result, Illinois has huge amounts of waste, and we cannot afford it anymore. We cannot afford it, ever, if we want to thrive. 

a fair property tax code

We are all paying too much. I am seeing business partners, friends, and students, all leaving the state because they simply cannot afford it anymore. We should be attracting industry and residents – not driving them away.

Reforming property tax codes cannot be accomplished by any one person. We must be honest with each other as we work as a community - from the State House to your house - to build our state in a fairer way.


Our farmers need less government regulation. Illinois is more than Chicago, and Central Illinois is the lifeblood of this great state. Chicago should not dictate our lives. Illinois has 26.7 million acres of farmland (about 75% of Illinois land), and over 72,000 farms that grow over 70 different crops.  We are in the top 5 of states in cash income and crop cash receipts. Our crops account for 6% of all US exports.

All of these facts are significant, and they all point to the fact that we value farms and should be helping farmers, not making their jobs harder. Illinois' agriculture industry is vital to our state and the nation. Isn't it time our state is reminded of that?

We have a duty as a society to educate and train our citizens. From kindergarten through high school and beyond, every indicator shows that if we want to have a prosperous nation, we must have an educated nation. Illinois' rural schools are often falling behind due to inequitable school funding and unreasonable tax codes. This sad reality is unacceptable and one I won't stand for.

In addition, years of budget impasses and lessening support have crippled our public universities and colleges. Public universities were established with a two-prong mission: to educate our citizens and to be economic engines for the surrounding area. Support in the General Assembly for Eastern Illinois University, Lake Land College, and Lincoln Trails College is paramount. That's why I propose the creation of a caucus of all Representatives with colleges and universities in their districts. 

school funding

I'm a concealed carry gun owner myself. As a business owner and as someone who loves my family, protecting myself and my loved ones makes perfect sense to me. I will always protect one's right to protect themselves.

2nd Amendment Protections