Economic Growth in the 110th

As the Robinson Daily News reports, on Nov. 14th, the Robinson City Council approved a supplemental resolution in support of the Pepsi Mid America project, the next step in bringing a Pepsi distribution center to our district. This project will bring up to 50 jobs to the Robinson area, an exciting development for an important part of our district and Southern Illinois.

Additionally, Toldeo residents, in cooperation with the Mattoon YMCA, broke ground for the Toldeo YMCA on Dec. 12th. The Neal Center -- named after longtime philanthropist and the brainchild behind the Toldeo YMCA recreation center -- is expected to open Dec. 1st, 2018 at the northeast corner of the square in Toledo. Facilities like the YMCA are a real boon for economic development and benefit the community in so many ways. 

Congratulations and thank you to all those who helped to make both of these important and fantastic projects happen!

Terry Is Officially on the Ballot

Terry Davis, a small business owner in Charleston, has officially announced his candidacy for State Representative of the 110th district, seeking to take over the seat currently held by Reggie Phillips, who announced he will not seek reelection. A Coles County resident for nearly 40 years, Davis owns Towne Square Jewelers on Lincoln Ave, and is a member of the EIU Panther Club, the Charleston Rotary Club, and an active member of the community. His campaign is focused on economic development and growth across the district.

"I have seen first-hand what legislative inaction has done to our communities. Wee are staring down the barrel of another potential budget impasse that will end with more tax hikes that hurt families, farms, and businesses." Davis goes on to say that the highest property taxes in the nation, a lack of sustainable funding for education, and income tax increases are forcing many to leave the state. "If we continue to try to tax our way out of this mess, we will lose more than this state can afford. Illinois should be attracting industry and students who will bring revenue, jobs, and growth. My years spent building my business have taught me the importance of living within your budget, and I hope to take those same conservative principles to Springfield."

Davis announced that, if elected, he would opt out of the State's health insurance and pension programs. "I'm an open book," he said. "I have a solid Republican voting record, I have my conceal carry license and support the rights of gun owners. I am active in my local Chamber of Commerce, Rotary, and other civic organizations; and as a business owner, I know the value that industry, education, and local business contribute to economic growth and prosperity."

Agriculture accounts for almost 75% of the land in Illinois, with over 72,000 farms that grow 70 different crops. "Illinois is more than the City of Chicago, and our state needs to recognize the significance of the 110th. We should be helping the farmers who make this state great, not hurting them with ridiculously high property taxes and oppressive, anti-growth regulations."

Davis said his campaign is about focusing on the issues. "Illinois politics needs a return to civility. Voters deserve better than the dishonest, dirty, Chicago-style political games. Campaigns about fear and smear only serve to further polarize and weaken our party. We should be trying to grow our influence, not shrink it."

Terry Davis Announces Run for State Representative


Having lived, raised a family, and owned a small business in Charleston for nearly 40 years, Terry has seen this community at its best and through its struggles. Decades of mismanagement in Springfield have led to disastrous gridlock, petty politics, and a toxic culture fixated on personal agendas instead of what's truly best for Illinoisans.

If we are going to see true, meaningful change, we need someone new, not more of the same. Terry Davis is a successful business owner of over 30 years. His family roots lie deep in the soil of central Illinois. From the Rotary Club to Eastern Illinois University's Panther Club to the Chamber of Commerce, Terry has always worked for the betterment of Central Illinois and our state.

Never having thought of himself as a politician and never thinking he would pursue elected office, Terry brings to the 110th one of the most important traits a Representative should have: common sense. And that's why Terry is running to be the next State Representative of the 110th District. We need a return to common sense politics which does right by the people and doesn't burden them with unmovable opinions or personal agendas. 

The 110th and Illinois need a resurrection in industry growth. Without tapping into the great potential of the 110th, our state will continue to suffer. With industry comes jobs. With jobs comes stability. With stability comes the opportunity for positive change. 

It's time for a hardworking, passionate, and fresh representative in the 110th. It's time for Terry Davis.