About Me


Hardworking. passionate. fresh.

When I moved to Charleston over thirty years ago, I didn't know quite what to expect; but after growing my jewelry business of 35 years, my family, and my cherished friendships, I've come to call Illinois my home. We have seen our communities grow, evolve, and flourish -- and recently we've seen our communities struggle. Nothing can beat the hard work and dedication of Illinoisans at their best. But gridlock in Springfield has shown us what happens when personal agendas and immovable opinions are put before the well-being of its constituents.

Having been involved for years in my business and our community, I have witnessed firsthand what political inaction can do to hardworking communities such as ours. I've never thought of myself as a politician and I never dreamed I would seek elected office. But when faced with a threat, we have two options: flee or fight. I choose to fight for my family, for my friends, for our communities, for our values, for our district, and for you.

That's why I've decided to run for the 110th District State Representative seat.

The 110th deserves to be represented by someone who will serve our interests instead of selling out to the Chicago political machine. Honest and sensible leadership means speaking truth to power. Springfield needs to be reminded that the 110th and Central Illinois are vital, important, and powerful. Handpicking heirs to office is no way to lead.

We need someone new, not more of the same.