The 110th and Illinois Need Honest, Sensible Leadership


As a lifelong Republican, I believe that the best form of government is one that focuses on helping its citizens without burdening them. As a longtime business owner, I know that fiscal responsibility, honesty, and integrity are crucial to any successful enterprise. And as a devoted husband and father, I trust that families know best what are important to them.


I've never been involved in politics and I've never thought of myself as a politician, but after witnessing firsthand, as we all have, how immovable opinions can stifle growth and harm our families, our jobs, and our economy, I had to stand up and fight. I choose to fight for the 110th district and for you.


That's why I'm running to be the next State Representative of the 110th District. Will you join me?    


The Issues

We need new ideas, not more of the same. The issues we face may be big and they may be numerous, but they are not unsolvable.

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about me

I'm a business owner and a devoted husband and father, not a career politician. I know what hard work and dedication can do. That's what I offer the 110th.

Meet Terry

Winning Against the Chicago Political Machine

Means Working Together

You can donate to our campaign in a few ways. Checks can be made payable to:

Friends of Terry Davis, P.O. Box 223, Charleston, IL 61920

Or, you can donate online via CrowdPac at this link:

I don't make this ask lightly and I appreciate all of your support.